Upcoming Events

Oct 10th   - Meeting and Phone Bank
                   Miramar/Pines Clinton Campaign Office

Nov 14th   - Victory Celebration

Dec 12th   - Holiday Celebration


- Absentee Ballot Requests are valid for ONLY 2 years

- For election information visit www.browardsoe.org

Next Event - July 11th

As your representative in the Senate, I fight daily to serve your needs through economic stimulation, quality public education, and improved health care options for everyone.  

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Important Election Dates and Info
Registration Deadline for
Aug 30 Primary

Aug 1, 2016
Primary Election
for local and state offices

Aug 30, 2016
Registration Deadline for
Nov 8 General Election

Oct 10, 2016
General Election
Nov 8, 2016

Enacting Positive Change thru Information and Community Activism